The first meeting for buidlers

Tucked away deep inside the Ethereum network, a community of researchers is studying and experimenting with DFO technology. They are developing the first truly on-chain organizations of the future, together taking on the task of buidling a genuinely decentralized dApp ecosystem. All researchers are invited to share their projects at the first ever Buidlerberg meeting.

Agenda - Day 1 (Dec 20)

Agenda - Day 2 (Dec 21)

Confirmed Moderators

How to participate

The Buidlerberg Event will be streamed live starting at 7am CET on December 20 2020 (DAY 1) and at 9:30am CET on December 21 2020 (DAY 2) both on Youtube and Twitch. Be part of the DFOhub community to stay to keep you update and ask prioritized questions


Tickets are not required to participate in the event but can work as a souvenir and unlock some fancy gadgets